Amnesty Int Status Report on Malaysia

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Freedom of expression was restricted, with bloggers prosecuted and peaceful demonstrators frequently arrested. At least two people died in police custody. Migrant workers, refugees and asylum-seekers faced arrest, detention, and ill-treatment in detention camps. Malaysia rejected recommendations made under the UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR) to guarantee the right to peaceful assembly, and to ratify the UN Refugee Convention and the UN Migrant Workers Convention. Read the rest of this post »


Amnesty Int World Overview of the Death Penalty 2009

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Amnesty International on March 30th published its world overview of the death penalty for 2009. The report, Death Sentences and Executions in 2009, reveals that at least 714 people were executed in 18 countries and at least 2001 people were sentenced to death in 56 countries last year. Read the rest of this post »

Latest Update:Re the case of Yong Vui Kong

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The Court of Appeal reserved judgement today in the case of convicted Malaysian teenage offender Yong Vui Kong, who has challenged the constitutionality of the mandatory death sentence he received.Please visit the link below to read further.

Additional Info

Yong Vui Kong was arrested in June 2007, when he was 19, by officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau. He was charged with trafficking 42.27 grams of heroin, and then sentenced to death in January 2009.

Yong was convicted under the Misuse of Drugs Act, which provides that anyone found guilty of illegally importing, exporting or trafficking more than 15 grams of heroin will automatically receive a mandatory death sentence.

On December 8,The Court of Appeal granted Yong Vui Kong an extension of time to have his appeal heard.Yong, who was originally scheduled to be hanged on 11 th of December 2009.

Yong Vui Kong’s lawyer has appealed on the grounds that the mandatory death sentence for drug-trafficking, which is set out in the Misuse of Drugs Act, is unconstitutional, and therefore his case should be referred back to the trial judge for “reconsideration.”

Hamdi al-Ta’mari freed, thanks Amnesty members

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14 January 2010  

On December 14, 2009, 17 year-old Palestinian student Hamdi al-Ta’mari was released from prison after nearly one year. He is now at home with his family. The Israeli military had held Hamdi al-Ta’mari without charge from July to November 2008 and again since December 2008. Read the rest of this post »

Important Update:The Execution of Yong Vui Kong

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Dear Friends

Update: We just received the news from the Think Centre,Singapore that the execution of of M’sian teenage offender Yong Vui Kong that were scheduled for the 11 of December is now postponed. Read the rest of this post »

Urgent:M’sian Teenage Offender To be Hanged on 11 of Dec

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singapore DP Yong Vui Kong received a stay of execution on 3 December, but is now scheduled for execution on 11 December. His appeal will be heard by the Court of Appeals on 8 December. Read the rest of this post »

Urgent Action:Malaysian Teenage Offender facing the Death Penalty in Singapore

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Yong Vui KongYong Vui Kong was sentenced to death for drug trafficking in January 2009. He had exhausted his appeals by October, and can now escape execution only if the president grants clemency. Read the rest of this post »