Amnesty Int Annual Report Launch

Amnesty International Malaysia on 28th of May launched its Annual Report. The event mentioned highlighted the core concerns of the organisation for the year 2008 in terms of country focus as well as the organisations next global initiative on economic, social and cultural rights. Please click HERE to read Amnesty Int Malaysia’s statement in conjunction with the report launch.

Click HERE to read the electronic edition of the Amnesty International Report (AIR) 2009.

Amnesty International also on 28th of May launched it next Global Campaign called Demand Dignity that aimed to focus on Economic, Social and Cultural rights. Amnesty International’s Demand Dignity campaign will seek to:

empower people living in poverty to claim their rights

seek accountability from governments and economic actors for abuses

put human rights at the centre of efforts to eradicate poverty.

The campaign will focus on:

  • slums, and call for an end to forced evictions.
  • maternal mortality, and demand women’s right to sexual and reproductive health.
  • extractive industries seeking corporate accountability for human rights abuses.
  • respect for all human rights, and demand that the USA ratifies the UN Covenant on Economic,   Social and Cultural Rights and China ratifies the International UN Covenant on Civil and Political rights.

Click HERE to learn more about the Demand Dignity campaign.

The website highlights the first phase of an online presence that will evolve and grow with the campaign over the next few years. To start with, we have focused on using digital channels to collect, amplify and disseminate ‘voices’ in support of the launch of the campaign.

Our aim is to kick-start the active participation ethos through the use of the campaign’s signature question: What Does Living With Dignity Mean to You?

Users will be able to submit their voices through the website or via mobile, as well as postcards (which are scanned and uploaded).

So HERE and add your voice to the Demand Dignity Campaign.

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