DIRECTS the International Executive Committee to reconsider and revise the “Policy Governing Corporate Relationships that Benefit Amnesty International“ adopted in 2007 after consulting with members, structures and sections.

Explanatory note

Amnesty International must be independent of any political or economic interest.

Such independence is fundamental to AI’s ability to be a credible and effective advocate for human rights.

AI USA seeks to ensure that through a sound policy for accepting gifts and donations from corporations AI remains independent of economic interests.

There is concern among some AI members and sections that the 2007 policy may directly impede AI’s work to stop significant human rights abuses committed by corporations around the globe. The refusal to take money from governments has been based on a fundamental principle that an organization should not be dependent on those it is trying to influence. Corporations are increasingly identified as the perpetrators of human rights abuses and are more frequently the targets of AI activism. Accepting donations from corporations has the potential to destroy AI’s actual and perceived independence.

The 2007 policy does not sufficiently limit acceptance of corporate donations to ensure that AI will be perceived to be free of influence by economic interests. Therefore the 2007 policy should be revised, after consultation with members, structures, and sections to ensure that AI’s reputation for independence and impartiality is preserved.

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