REASSERTS its attachment to AI’s vision, mission and values as they are expressed in the current Statutes.

Explanatory note

The UDHR stands as a horizon line in a modern world. It is a fundamental document which is an aim per se. We are deeply preoccupied by a perspective without legal basis, as announced in the project for the next ISP, which would in fact do away with universality, a concept which is today the single warrant of equal rights for all. Indeed, in such a case, each one will have his/her own vision of hope and equality, generating discrimination and will lead to the reverse of the desired result. Besides, we do not wish utopia to become the core concept of our movement, if we do not have a strong legal basis.

Our social mission is to act and be accountable and we strongly support the idea that it can only be done if research and action constitute the base on which we can evolve. We are attached to the preciseness and the relevance of what we publish. Impartiality is our identity and must be preserved. We can work with the rights holders and with human rights organizations, and all the while maintain our impartiality. We are also attached to the concept of international solidarity which implies coverage by research and militancy of one section towards the rest of the world and which reaches far beyond simple partnerships. Finally, democracy is a core value of our movement too.

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