Amnesty Int World Overview of the Death Penalty 2009

Amnesty International on March 30th published its world overview of the death penalty for 2009. The report, Death Sentences and Executions in 2009, reveals that at least 714 people were executed in 18 countries and at least 2001 people were sentenced to death in 56 countries last year.

In Asia, thousands of executions were likely to have taken place in China, where information on the death penalty remains a state secret. Only seven other countries were known to have carried out executions – Bangladesh, Japan, North Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam – with 26 executions known to have taken place.

At least 819 death sentences were known to have been imposed: Afghanistan (at least 133),Bangladesh (at least 64), China (+), India (at least 50), Indonesia (1), Japan (34), North Korea (+), South Korea (at least 5), Malaysia (at least 68), Myanmar (at least 2), Pakistan (276), Singapore (at least 6), Sri Lanka (108), Taiwan (7), Thailand (+), Viet Nam (at least 59) China again refused to divulge exact figures on its use of the death penalty.

This document summarizes Amnesty International’s global research on the use of the death penalty in 2009. Information was gathered from various sources including official statistics (where available), non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations, human rights defenders, the media and field research.

Kindly click on the link below to read the full report.

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